Giantland written and directed by Yousaf Ali Khan

Giantland is a first feature by twice BAFTA nominated Writer / Director Yousaf Ali Khan.

The story follows ten year old Ryan, who spends his time for the most part alone in his imagination dreaming of the Dad he never knew returning, whilst playing away from school and exploring the Giantland, an intrusive industrial movement of steel and concrete housing sites consuming his home and nearby natural surroundings. So when he discovers a bearded man injured and hiding out in an abandoned shipping container near by, it’s a dream come true. Or is it?

According to his mum’s current boyfriend Jason, his real dad was just another foreigner who humped and dumped them and this bearded man is probably a “rag head terrorist" that the police should catch and send out of “our” country, but Ryan does not care, no one is going to put his new Dad in prison no matter what he has to face.

Giantland is a beautifully crafted drama, which combines the innocence and imagination of youth with the tragic and imposing elements of arrogance and ignorance from those we think we know and the learning and understanding from those we don’t.

TagLine. Whistle down the wind meets Kes.

Producer Craig Conway was first introduced to the script on the set of Broken and very quickly it was decided that this would be the first of the three pictures for BBP.

The Cast attached are as follows:

Goran Bogdan - Bearded Man
Hayley Squires - Mum
Joshua Herdman - Jason
Mitchell Lawrence Norman - Ryan

Behind the scenes of Giantland